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A cure for Wolfram syndrome could lead to a cure for diabetes and blindness.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Thank you again, Jon.

We are revising our human study protocol and removing names of people who are no longer working in my team. Jon Wasson's name has been removed. 

When I took over Dr. Permutt's research program on Wolfram syndrome, two staff members from his group joined my team, Mr. Jonathon Wasson and Mrs. Cris Brown. Jon had worked with Dr. Permutt for more than 20 years and had been a manager for the International Wolfram syndrome registry. With Dr. Permutt, Jon had identified many genes associated with diabetes, including Wolfram syndrome 1 gene. Jon was tall, kind, and relatively quite. He was like an elder brother for all the Wolfram patients and their family members of our study. When I met with him, he told me that he had been battling with metastatic cancer. He tried to teach me about the culture of Washington University, the Wolfram study, Dr. Permutt's research program, and etc. He was dedicated to our Wolfram project. He believed that we would find a cure for Wolfram. Until he had to start his hospice care, he worked for my team diligently. Jon was a really nice human being. Thank you again, Jon. You can still see him here.